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Friday, March 21, 2008

My First Book Is Published!

I have just written and published the first sport psychology textbook specifically for a high school audience. I have been teaching sport psychology at my high school since 2004 and was disappointed at the lack of resources. I decided to take what I have been doing and put it into this book. It is my hope to promote the teaching of sport psychology in high schools, because it is a wildly popular class in my own school, and through it we can teach students skills and lessons that apply to all areas of their life.

The book is called "Closing the Gap: Applied Sport Psychology for High School" by David L. Rockwood. It is available in hardback for classroom use ($45.24), and in paperback for personal use ($23.27). I am also currently working on a "Teacher's Curriculum Guide and Quiz Master" to accompany the book (around $30). I hope to have it available by May. (If you are curious about my credentials to write such a book, you can read a short bio about me at the website listed below.)

If you are interested in buying one for yourself, starting a sport psych course at your school, or just learning a little more about it, you can view the book's website at:

On this site I have put a lot of resources for teaching sport psychology in high schools like downloadable worksheets, activities, overhead transparencies, online activities, links to other relevant sites, a teacher's forum, etc. I have also provided additional information about my book and a portal to purchase copies of it. I will be adding resources to this site as I create them.

The book has 312 pages, and is sized 6' X 9' (both the hardcover and paperback versions) for easy storage and transportation.
It has 29 Chapters (a table of contents can be viewed at, a glossary, and an index.
It is written in a conversational tone that doesn't read like a textbook. High school students at all levels will find it very easy to read.

If you already know that you want to buy one, you can go directly to the book's storefront at

If you are already teaching sport psychology, I hope you will consider my book. I also hope that you will go to my site and become a member of our Sport Psych Teachers Forum to share ideas and collaborate.

P.S. I owe a heartfelt "Thank you" to Coach Jeff Arbogast of Bingham High School, Utah, for giving me the idea to teach sport psychology at my school and giving me a starting point by sharing some of his resources with me.

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Sarah Bowers said...

Hey Rockwood! This is Sarah Bowers. Is it true that there's a picture in your book of us-- the cross country team?