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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Effort Over Time

As term 3 comes to a close, scores of students are hurriedly trying to "fix" their grades. They often hope to accomplish in 1 day the equivalent amount of learning that was expected of them over the entire term. How short sighted. In this age of instant communication, diet pills, and video-on-demand, have we lost an understanding of consistent work ethic?

There are some things in life that simply require effort over time, like excelling in school or sports. I am reminded of this anecdote: A man went to the concert of a master violinist. At the conclusion of the concert, he approached the musician. "That was beautiful," he commented. "I would give anything to be able to play like that."

The master musician responded, "Would you give 30 years of your life?"

"Effort over time" is the key to success in most ventures. Work hard throughout the term, season, or project to see results. Don't expect to achieve excellence with a half-hearted effort in the middle and a frantic scramble at the end.

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